Find Parks, Trails and Beach in View Royal Homes


Living in a View Royal home means being able to live in a gorgeous part of Greater Victoria, Canada. View Royal is one of the many sought-after towns that make up a portion of the Capital Regional District in British Columbia, Canada. View Royal has a regular population of about 10,500 people. However, many tourists visit and stay in the gorgeous town which increases the number greatly.


Families making the move to View Royal real estate find many attractions. Children living in the town attend The Greater Victoria School District and have the option of attending a wide variety of schools. Public and private, elementary to high school, View Royal has educational options for all family lifestyles. Residents of View Royal homes also enjoy access to the View Royal Reading Centre, full of various styles of books and DVDs.


Make the Move to Beautiful View Royal Real Estate


Perhaps the best reason to live in View Royal is its natural beauty and rolling landscapes. Located along the Pacific Coast, friends and families have the privilege of experiencing the fresh, ocean breeze and open spaces. While the town contains gorgeous beach scenes, it also is home to many parks and trails full of lush greenery. This includes Nursery Hill Park, which is a favourite gathering spot when residents decide to enjoy a picnic. Nursery Hill Park is also connected to a popular walking loop. The loop goes through the park and meadows surrounding it, making it the perfect trail to enjoy the beauty that is View Royal.


Real estate owners in View Royal enjoy a social community feel in the area. Many residents enjoy strolling along the many trails in the town, and there are always events to keep those living in View Royal informed and having fun! View Royal contains the charm of a small beachside town, making it a wonderful place for families and those who enjoy the small things in life.

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